Here is a list of my research projects at various stages of completeness, in a more-or-less chronological order. If you would like a copy of something that is not available here, please send me an email.


2015. Feature geometry and head-splitting: Evidence from the Wolof clausal periphery. University of Chicago Dissertation.

Publications, Manuscripts, Handouts, Slides

To appear. Exhaustive Control as Movement: The case of WolofNLLT.

To appear. [-Person] and [+Person] resumption in Igala. In Proceedings of WCCFL 40.

To appear. With Jessica Coon. Predication, specification, and equation in Ch’ol. In proceedings of NELS 53. Talk handout. Paper.

2023. Feature Geometry and Head-Splitting in the Wolof clausal peripheryLinguistic Inquiry. [prepublication draft]

2022. Inversion and reversibility in copular sentences: A view from Wolof. Talk given at the Workshop on copular sentences: Predication, Specification, Equation. Paris, June 15.

2022. Reversiblity in specificational copular sentences and pseudocleftsNLLT. [prepublication draft]

2021. Exhaustivity and predication: Non-discourse function of the left periphery. Invited talk at the Move and Agree Forum, UBC \& McGill, June 4.

2021. With Karlos Arregi and Itamar Francez. Three arguments for an individual concept analysis of Specificational sentencesNLLT. [prepublication draft]

2020. Clitics in Wolof: Syntax all the way up. Ms.

2020. Exhaustive control must be raising. Keynote address given at The Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton Syntax Workshop (MOTH)

2019. Interleaving syntax and postsyntax: Spell-out before syntactic movement. Syntax. [prepublication draft]

2019. with Ryan Bochnak. Optional past tense in Wolof. Selected proceedings of ACAL 48.

2018. Pseudoclefts are a source of sluicing and fragments in Wolof. Proceedings of NELS 48.

2018. with Marie-Luise Schwarzer. Locatives and biclausal progressives in Wolof. Proceedings of NELS 48 .

2018. with Ryan Bochnak. Event-relative modality: the case of Wolof imperfective di. Proceedings of SUB 22 .

2017. Wolof Wh-movement at the Syntax-Morphology Interface. NLLT. [prepublication draft]

2016. Head-Splitting in the Wolof Clausal Periphery. Proceedings of WCCFL 34.

2015. with Peter Klecha. Exhaustivity, Predication, and the Semantics of Movement. Proceedings of the BLS 41

2015. Information structure of copular sentences in WolofSelected Proceedings of ACAL 44.

2015. Verbal gestures in Wolof. (with Lenore Grenoble and Rebekah Baglini) Selected Proceedings of the ACAL 44.

2013. The topic-comment structure in copular sentences: Evidence from Wolof. Proceedings of the BLS 39.

2013. The subject/non-subject asymmetry in WolofProceedings of NELS 42.

2012. The Interaction of Animacy with Phonetic and Phonological Factors in Neoštokavian Pitch Accents. Proceedings of the WCCFL 29.

2011. with Alan Yu, Julian Grove, and Morgan Sonderegger. Effects of working memory capacity and “autistic” traits on phonetic effects in speech perception. Proceedings of ICPhS XVII.

2011. with Alan Yu, Carissa Abrego-Collier, Rebekah Baglini, Tommy Grano, Charles Otte III, Julia Thomas and Jasmin Urban. Speaker attitude and sexual orientation affect phonetic imitation. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, 17:1.