Moussa And His Friends - Version 1

Story by Martina Martinović

Illustrated by Martina Martinović

  • This is Moussa with his parents.
  • Moussa loves animals very much.
  • He has lots of pets.
  • One day, his parents went to visit grandma, and left Moussa alone.
  • Moussa was bored, and tried to think of something to do.
  • He thought: “I know! I’ll let all my pets out, and we can all play together.”
  • When the parents returned home, the house was a mess.
  • They said, “Moussa! What did you do?!”
  • “The shelf is broken!”
  • “The chair is broken!”
  • “The milk is spilled!”
  • Moussa said, “But it wasn’t me!”
  • “(The ones) who broke the shelf…
  • …were the cat and the parrot!”
  • “(The one) who broke the chair…
  • "…was the goat!”
  • “The one who spilled the milk…
  • …was the snake!”
  • The parents said, “And the one who’s going to repair it all…
  • …is you!”

Contact Information

martina [dot] martinovic [at] mcgill [dot] ca
Department of Linguistics
McGill University
1085 Ave Dr Penfield, #318
Montreal, QC H3A 1A7