Courses taught

McGill University
Syntax 4 (LING675) Winter 2020
Languages of the World (LING215) Winter 2020
University of Florida
Introduction to Morphology (LIN4400) Spring 2019
Morphology I (LIN6402) Spring 2019
Introduction to Linguistics (LIN3010) Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
Languages of the World (LIN4930) Fall 2018
Field Methods (LIN4930; language: Igala) Spring 2018
Introduction to Graduate Research (LIN6084) Spring 2018 (co-taught with Caroline Wiltshire)
Introduction to Syntax (LIN4500) Fall 2017
Syntax I (LIN6501) Fall 2017
Leipzig Universität
Field Methods. Language: Mee (Ekari) Summer 2016 (co-taught with Peter Staroverov)
Seminar in Syntax: The Morphosyntax of A'-dependencies Winter 2015/2016
University of Chicago
Language and the Human (HUMA17200) Spring 2015
Advanced Syntax (LING 20202) Spring 2015
Intro to Linguistics (LING 20001) Winter 2015
Intro to Syntax (LING 20201) Winter 2015
Intro to Phonetics and Phonology (LING 20101) Spring 2013

Contact Information

martina [dot] martinovic [at] mcgill [dot] ca
Department of Linguistics
McGill University
1085 Ave Dr Penfield, #318
Montreal, QC H3A 1A7

What's New

July 17, 2020: Plenary talk at MOTH 2020

2020. Paper with Karlos Arregi and Itamar Francez: "Three arguments for an individual concept analysis of Specificational sentences." Accepted with minor revisions in NLLT

2019. New paper: "Feature Geometry and Head-Splitting in the Wolof clausal periphery."

2019. Job: Assistant Professor, McGill University (start date: January 2020)

2019. Paper published online: "Interleaving syntax and postsyntax: Spell-out before syntactic movement." Syntax